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GBG Vitamins The 10 In One Formula

           Choose GBG Vitamins As High Quality and Better Nutrients

GBG Has Become Novus Era

This is why when you go to the order page below you will see novus era logo and yes it is the
same product.

Our 10-In-OneTM  GBG Vitamins have 10 super formulas for you wellbeing such as a formula for
heart health, an anti-stress formula, natural energy, vision - eye support and a formula for your
body to build immunity just to name a few.  This amazing 10-In-One goes way beyond ordinary nutritional supplements providing ingredients that supplement a nutrient-deficient diet and fuel
for the entire body. With GBG you get 10 super formulas all in one, easy-to-use and easy-to
absorb, convenient supplement that is offered in the enhanced chewable form.

Dr. Carol Forman Helerstein, Ph.D. endorses GBG Vitamins, due to their 10 in one super formula
and says the 10-In-One formula is like having an insurance policy for your body.  Did you know
that a healthy body has a much better chance of defending itself. 
Dr. Carol, a prominent expert
on nutrition joined GBG's
scientific advisory board and endorses GBG 1O-In-One Vitamins wholeheartedly.

In addition to being a daily, all in one vitamin and mineral formula, GBG-10-In-One
also contains: Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Probiotics,
Amalaki and Resveratrol, the top nutrients and super foods for your health.

GBG Vitamins

GBG went with Chewable Vitamins as easy to swallow, and start to be absorbed
immediately while most supplements take 30 to 45 minutes, if absorbed at all.

GBG'S 10-In-OneTM Vitamin and Mineral Supplement has a high ORAC score of 2,500+ per 1oz serving. We consider GBG 10-In-One to be the best vitamin as it has the Superior Advantage of
most powerful Antioxidant Fruits; Advanced Anti-Aging Nutrients; Immune Enhancers; Digestants;
and Whole Body system support.

The GBG 10 In One super vitamin formula promotes health and is great for your well-being.

GBG Vitamins are made at a state-of-the-art LAB, with the strictest standards, a (GMP) good manufacturing practices facility. 



The Quality of GBG Vitamins Has Been Recently Enhanced

  • Our Theanine is now naturally sourced from award winning Suntheanine® as other sources tend to be synthetic.

  • Because it is more readily absorbed by the body, we now use Magnesium aspartate as
    our source of Magnesium.  This ingredient is essential for blood pressure and blood sugar regulation.

  • Sodium has been taken out of our Vitamin formula.

  • Our tablet has been made softer, hence easier to chew and this alone will speed
    up the absorption process in your body.  We now have a new tropical fruit
    flavor that I love!




The exclusive Health and nutritional supplement, GBG 10-IN-ONE Vitamin and Mineral Formula is truly responsible for our company's success. This novel formulation offers
a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, cellular and organ support, all scientifically designed.

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