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The Best Fundraiser For Your Church or Non Profit Fundraising Event

We call GBG the best fundraiser for Churches for good reason as some
churches have already been very blessed that are engaged in our
program now!

Non profit fundraising programs are not all created equal. With most
fundraisers you sell something and get paid one time. Best
Fundraisers by GBG are much different because your non profit
organization gets paid over and over and over again for a one
time sale.

Because the GBG Vitamins are a product that people love and they need
it anyway,just about everyone gets started on monthly auto-ship. Due to
this fact the non profit organization literally can get paid on this product
each month for years to come! The recommended product for a church
is the GBG 10-in-One chewable vitamins as they are delicious and have
superior quality . With our fundraising Program, your participants are
purchasing our superior product at below retail pricing.

So what's the catch? Here’s the great news...there is no catch. No
gimmicks. With GBG, the business is FREE, and it comes with a free
personalized website to help you promote your fundraising event. All
any participant needs to do is purchase a GBG product. As products
are distributed and paid for each month, GBG sends your organization
a check, automatically up to six times per month.

In addition, your church or Non-Profit Organization that everyone is trying
to raise funds for is not required to order a product each month. All the
non profit organization does is fill in the organization name, contact
information, tax id number (non-profit IRS status will be verified by GBG
prior to commissions being paid), free website information, review and
click the terms and conditions, then submit. You are on your way to
creating real financial success for your church or group.

GBG is Now Novus Era so Church Fundraiser Links Below
Will be Branded with NovusEra

Get all the information on the Novus Era Quality and Great
Tasting nutritional,

Get Started with the Best Church Fundraiser for Free

This Non Profit fundraising program is brought to you by:  Michael and Deborah Thompson.  Your Nationwide,  Authorized GBG Fundraiser Representatives
Ph. 1- 657-215-1264  

Need the sign up form for your fundraising organization or have a few questions? 
Give Michael and Deborah a Call!

Get Your Non Profit Fundraising Organization Started Free

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