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Welcome to GBG, the Life, Health and Wealth Company
With GBG you get high quality health and wellness products for a great value. Our
 Exclusive super formula, the amazing
GBG Vitamins
  have a high ORAC score of
2,500+ per serving, and includes
top antioxidant super foods and fuel for your entire body.
Dr. Carol Forman Helerstein, Ph.D. an expert product formulator and
prominent clinical nutritionist endorses the 10-In-One
GBG Vitamins
I'm excited to announce our, MA+ IGP an all natural product that is
endorsed by many doctors and is absolutely helping people with
 all sorts of health challenges.  MA+IGP is also for those who
 have a desire to maintain optimal health.

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 GBG Vitamins

*We Welcome Both Customers and GBG Business Opportunity Builders Alike

*The GBG Corporate Home Office is located in Vacaville, CA

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  GBG Business Opportunity


Imagine being able to spread health and wealth to those you care about,
meeting a new and exciting network of people, making money and having
fun doing it?  Are you ready to embrace the future and join us in the
mission of health and wealth.

Market the Highest Quality Nutritional Products

Breaking GBG News

1. 12-20-2017, The GBG Company has been sold and I no longer have access
to the 10 in One Vitamins.  On a very positive note the prior owner of GBG,  has tapped into the hottest new wellness trend and I invite you to see this info first. Click Here

2. 02-01-2015, We are now offering Cafe Primero, a great tasting dark French roast coffee infused with H1X1, an exclusive organic Agaricus Blazei blend of mushrooms with many health and wellness benefits.

3. 10-22-2014, Some recent additions have been changed and/or added to our 10-In-One Vitamins to give them a higher quality. See what has been changed
on our vitamin page including an all new and natural topical fruit flavor!

Social Proof that Michael Thompson is one of GBG's Top Sales Leaders!

GBG is totally different than any other network marketing company having
great prices, great tasting mass appeal nutritious products, easy qualifications, ethical and honest owners, and I love the fact that GBG is paying out 65% and
one can multiply their residual income with their copyrighted pay points.
Visit my GBG story to see how much 10-In-One Vitamins has helped my
personal family.

No Risk with GBG - There is no risk as there is a 60 day money back
guarantee. The GBG Home Business is free and what you do is just buy one of
our products or product packages on monthly auto-ship. 
Get started with GBG today and receive the following items!

1. The nutritional product or package of your choice. You just pay for the
 product each month and the business part is Free.

2. Your personalized company website is Free

3. A virtual online back office that tracks your business Free.

4. Corporate Training, Support and my personal mentorship all Free!
Our Mission:  To provide a global solution to today's worldwide health crisis
and financial meltdown.

Everyone joins the GBG Business Opportunity by ordering at least one product
on auto-ship however you will have a choice to get started as a Gold or a
Platinum.  Getting started as a GBG Platinum allows you to earn from the
more profitable platinum pay plan. 
Join GBG

The GBG Business Opportunity is simple and I will help you get started in minutes.

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Start your GBG Business today to achieve your goals.  Need your questions answered right now?  Just give Authorized GBG Distributor, Michael Thompson
a call 657-215-1264  *Welcome to GBG USA and Canada

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